Birds in Focus Visual Presentation – April 15, 2017

On a pleasant Saturday evening, 56 guests enjoyed three excellent presentations, plus a tribute to the late Ursula Easterbrook, and a visit from Farley and his new family. With four speakers plus six volunteers in addition to the guests, it was a pretty full house.

See Terry Carr’s pictures by following the link

Thanks to Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust, recipients of Ursula’s local bird and nature photos, we were able to display a number of her prints for the evening.

Before the presentations, guests enjoyed light refreshments while browsing Ursula’s photos and those of other local photographers and had the opportunity to either renew their acquaintance with Farley or to meet for the first time the dog who was so much a part of Ursula’s life.

Ron Long of Nature Vancouver, who has organized their photo competition for the past seven years and is very familiar with Ursula and her work, opened the presentations with a tribute to Ursula which included a number of her photos, some of which were winners in previous competitions. It was a fitting way to start an event dedicated to her.

Michelle Lamberson’s presentation focussed on the birds and scenery of her new home in Kelowna. In addition to rare sightings, she had a number of photos of birds and rocks, reflecting her background as a geologist. She is an entertaining speaker who enjoyed testing the ability of guests to find well camouflaged birds, a birder’s version of “Where’s Waldo?”.

Connor Stefanison, an award-winning young photographer, used his presentation to show how a number of factors, including lighting, position and background, could affect the quality of photos. Great pictures and excellent tips!

Allen Bargen, a professional photographer, demonstrated how photos could be set up to achieve specific results, a practice he wouldn’t condone, as a CAPA judge, in entries to a photo competition. His wide-ranging presentation included local, African and South American birds. A friend of Ursula’s, he included a photo of her in Africa and tales of travelling with her to various locations on that continent.

Many people contributed to a successful evening. Tom Bearss and Terry Carr provided encouragement and support during the organization of the event and Terry picked up equipment and brought it to the venue. Don and Rochelle Farquhar greeted guests and collected money. Paul Rennie provided technical support. A special thank you to Neil Simpson for lending his print of Ursula’s great blue heron for the duration of the exhibit. In addition to helping with the refreshments, Jennifer Melville-Roberts brought the photos left to DFWT to the gallery. Joanne Williamson and JoAnne McAllister also helped with refreshments and set a speed record for clean-up at the end of the evening. Thanks also go to Larry Leslie and the Delta Photo Club for the use of their screen and last, but not least, to Jacqueline and Carolyn and the Corporation of Delta for the use of TAC, promotion of the event, setting up the facility and their help during the event.


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