Birds in Focus – Photography Workshop – Sunday, April 23

Local photographer (Delta Naturalists Society/Delta Photo Club) Jack MacDonald did an excellent photography workshop complementing the skills of the 18 keen photographers that attended our event, originally made popular by the late Ursula Easterbrook. The presentation explored basic and advanced photography skills, techniques, digital aspects, equipment selection, places to go and more. Jack stressed that most important things to remember when photographing birds are; don’t cause the birds stress, check the settings of your camera before each shoot and read your camera manual.


All the photographers brought their camera equipment, and asked questions and practiced photographing the captive raptors.

Special thanks to Gail Stanton and the Raptor Ranch staff for introducing the birds and showing them in many different poses, demonstrating each bird’s characteristics. The birds featured:

  • Draco – Harris’s Hawk,  handler Gail
  • Lightning – Gyr Saker Falcon, handler Laura
  • Dylan- Finnish Goshawk, handler Nina

Thanks to Rochelle and Don for providing the refreshments and to Elizabeth and JoAnne for handling the coffee break and clean up.



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