Who Are We

BBPA – Sharing our love of Nature and the Park with the Community

Evolving from the Cammidge House Committee, BBPA is a group of local volunteers who, in partnership with Metro Vancouver Parks, promote community awareness, appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of Boundary Bay Regional Park while preserving and enhancing its natural and historical features. In 2013 BBPA became a registered association.

In 2014 we dedicated almost 1000 volunteer hours to park activities.

Cammidge House


Where we’re going

 As BBPA moves forward we will support the Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Plan which focuses on strategies to protect the natural environment and maintain a healthy park system. We will support them in their role as stewards of a valuable resource while promoting health and well being. To do this we will be recruiting members, accessing funding and strengthening/creating partnerships to allow us to carry out more educational programs/projects and develop and participate in a program of stewardship activities including habitat maintenance, native planting and monitoring of changes in park flora and fauna.

How to get involved 

Consider joining the Boundary Bay Park Association! Getting involved is simple. All you need is enthusiasm, some time and a willingness to learn and work with others.

To find out more, contact BBPA at  bbpadmn@gmail.com


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