Heritage Day – February 26, 2017

This year’s event, on a cool but sunny day, was particularly successful, with about 100 visitors (not including 26 volunteers serving tea, coffee and goodies and hosting the displays). It made for a lively time and the volunteers in the tea room were kept hopping. With a number of BBPA members sick or away, Elizabeth Perrin, Rochelle and Don Farquhar and event volunteer JoAnne McAllister would not have been able to keep up without the help of Anita Den Dikken from Delta Naturalists Society (DNS) and her friend Denise Suh. Margaretha Schramm helped with clean-up after her shift on the DNS display.

Tom Bearss helped out in a number of ways, including obtaining the names of everyone associated with the displays, recruiting Corinne Cote, a visitor with a camera, to be our “official” photographer and introducing Doug Massey. Jennifer Swanston from Metro Vancouver, put up the Boundary Bay Park Association display and helped out in many ways during the day.dsc_0053

Much of the credit for the success of the event goes to: Geof Hacker who arranged for the speaker, the displays and a host of other details as well as creating the Boundary Bay Park Association display, the volunteers who provided the home-baked treats- Jean Hacker, Beth Carr-Hilton, Sandra Bearss, Elizabeth Perrin, Rochelle Farquhar and Frank Rogers, and to Faye Debenham for handling publicity in her usual efficient manner.

dsc_0089The highlight of the day was Doug Massey’s presentation on the History of the Land and People of Delta Municipality which can be accessed by clicking Doug Massey Delta History It was interesting and informative and well-received by the audience. Doug was joined by his sister Doreen Kushnir and friends Gloria Archibald and Carol MacPherson.

The Boundary Bay Quilters Guild had a lovely display of quilts and the quilters, Eileen Currie, Felicity Gray, Margot Henwood and Lynda Robson were happy to explain their craft to admirers.

Delta Naturalists Society had an excellent display set up by Terry Carr and “manned” by Marylile Martin, Valerie Whitlam, Syd and Viviane Barber, Margaretha Schramm and Nance Forster.

Antique vehicles provided by Don Broeder, Jack Harrison, Steve Whitelaw and Greg Fahlman were proudly displayed in the parking lot.dsc_0068

The Heritage Advisory Commission, represented by Marylin Clayton in a picture-perfect period costume, hosted an informative display which drew a lot of attention from visitors.

Metro Vancouver Interpreter Samantha Woods braved the chilly air on the front porch to host her educational display and did so with a smile.

Since the theme for Heritage Week was My Canada we circulated a questionnaire to determine how many of our visitors were born in Canada or elsewhere and what they loved about Canada. Of the 32 individuals who completed the questionnaire, 23 were born in Canada, one in South Africa, four in England, one in Scotland, one in Austria and two in China. What did they love about Canada? The people, the mountains, rivers, ocean, forest, farmland, animals, the feeling of freedom and safety, multi-culturalism, tolerance, opportunity for all and lack of class discrimination. Two visitors summed it up with “everything” and “it’s the best in the world”.