Planting Nootka Rose Bushes at Cammidge House October 25, 2014

An early 14th century proverb states that “many hands make light work”. That proved to be the case as 18 volunteers turned out on a cool, sometimes windy, day to plant the 100 rose bushes purchased by the Boundary Bay Park Association (BBPA) in honour of the 100th Anniversary of Cammidge House.
A few of the volunteers were BBPA members but the majority were local residents who had read about the Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Ecoblitz in the Optimist.
 photo 12
Metro Vancouver Parks staff had prepared the planting area and even set the  pots where the roses should be planted.
After demonstrating the proper planting procedure (which prompted one wit to say “good job, keep going”), volunteers were provided with shovels and gloves.
Parks staff suggested volunteers work in pairs with one digging and one planting. This worked so well that in less than hour everything was done and we could admire our handiwork while enjoying light refreshments.
photo 11
Mother Nature was good to us. The rain held off until the planting was finished when nature handled the watering-in.
Many thanks to all who participated. We hope you enjoyed it.